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Record how long it takes your students to say and play grand staff flash cards.

staff anchor chart

Larger Fly Flash Cards to use with fly swatting games. These are much easier for young children to read. They can also be used as flash cards for learning notes.

practice their ability to read music by playing a game called Swat the Staff. To play this game we create a staff on the wall or a board. Students choose one flyswatter and take their place in front of the staff. With their backs to the staff and flyswatters down students listen to hear what letter they need to swat. This fun game is a great way to review the letter names of the staff

Music: Student Record of Progress Sheet FREE DOWNLOAD A two page record sheet for music teachers to record student progress. Designed to suit both classroom anad studio teachers. Flexible enough to use weekly, monthly or by the term. #WestMusic #InspiresMyClass

"Flash Class" App for iPad/iPhone

Recorder Fingering Charts Polka Dots in BOOMWHACKER COLORS!

Flower Practice Chart to keep a record of days practiced.

Printable staff/keyboard

This is a three page composition paper that will lead young students through a step-by-step process of composing an eight measure recorder piece! I created it for my 3rd graders who are beginning recorder players. It could be used for other instruments as well!

Music Teaching: THE BEAR HUNT Card Game is a delightful game for the music student learning the correct placement of their notes. It is designed to stimulate retention of the location and name of each note on the Grand Staff.

The teacher plays a four beat pattern using Do, Re and Mi. Students notate the pattern on the music staff. This can be done as a whole class or individually. It is a Smart Notebook download, so that you can demonstrate using the SmartBoard, but also print it off as a worksheet/test.

Flash Frog™ | Free Printable Music Flashcards for Beginners - MakingMusicFun.net

Every student should have a practice record to remind them of what to practice each week and to record weekly practice time.

FREEBIE! Forms to help you get ready for Parent Teacher Conferences: Confirmation form, recording sheet, and a student reflection form.

Teaching notes on the treble clef staff: A new way of approaching lines and spaces so that students can be successful!

A worksheet for students to write rhythm values.

Staff Paper Variety Pack for Students

Reward cards for students that don't involve you spending money!

This is a bingo type game to identify the notes around middle C.

Free - Reward Cards to motivate your students