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    shouldn't be hard to buy healthy food . cost more to buy cigarettes these days why not junk food .foundation franchise healthy fast food , drive-in .



    • Jenna Dufour

      I have to agree, it's so expensive to eat healthy while you can buy a full unhealthy meal at a fast food restaurant for five bucks! And there it is...but, what's the rest of the story. Farm subsidies, paid decade after decade by both parties support beef ( and the corn that makes high fructose corn syrup for cheap, huge sodas) not vegetables that are fresh, healthy, and locally grown.

    • Sherri Baremore Acevedo

      There are alot of reasons we are obese,...but this does make it harder to eat healthy

    • Bethany Peters

      It's sad because there is some truth in this. Eating healthy can be very expensive!

    • Apryllyn

      We need a serious overhaul of these fast food menus. #truth #facts #kids #fat

    • Geneva Snellbaker

      Hello! It's sad that it's expensive to eat healthy and cheap to eat crap.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      oh so true. punished for eating healthy.

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