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Teeny tiny baby Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtle just born at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo -

Quadruplet Indian Lion cubs made history at the Budapest Zoo. Born on February 15th, the cubs were the first of their species born in Hungary.

This sleepy Nepalese Red Panda baby, born on Christmas Eve at Auckland Zoo, is very good news for this Vulnerable species.

Pigging out Two Chacoan Peccaries, born at the San Diego Zoo that morning, explore the world under the watchful eye of their mother. A third Chacoan Peccary was born as well.

UPDATE! The Honolulu Zoo's trio of Lion cubs, born on December 15, are growing strong, thanks in part to play. See new pictures and watch a video of them playing together behind the scenes on

A rare Clouded Leopard cub, born March 7 at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, has reached a new step in his development.

Today on, one masked baby Meerkat peeks out from behind Mom at Chester Zoo. The tiny newcomer made its first public appearance after being hidden away in burrows by its parents since it's birth about three weeks ago.

A baby Red Panda born on June 9 at the Sacramento Zoo is thriving under the constant care of his zoo keepers. See more photos at and at