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The Best Way to Clean a Pet Rats Cage

Ratty Cage

Awesome rodent cage

two-storey rat cage by were-were-wolfy on DeviantArt

Small wooden version for rat cage?

DIY rat cage accessories, natural wood

Hamster Cage Idea #DIY

coolest rat cage ever. Oscar would be pleased.

Decorating for Christmas rat cage!

I would love to have a rat cage like this

Good accessories for pet rat cage; low cost, easy to clean! by serribrat

DIY rat cage

cage accessories for ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, sugar gliders, degus and other small pets

The domestic rat is a descendant of the wild brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) and has been bred as a pet for about a hundred years. Pet rats are much less fearful than their wild cousins, and when handled gently, they quickly learn to enjoy riding on their human friends’ shoulders and napping in their laps.

ferret cage

Awesome DIY hamster cage. Think something similar might work for the rats!

Bookcase turned into huge 3 level rat cage mansion! This cage is lined with linoleum, has a plexi glass front that slides up & out for easy cleaning, huge vents down the sides, locking hinged vent on top, and a cup hook wash cloth hammock!

Guinea Pig Cage Ideas | Guinea pig cage ideas for bedding, toys, other I'm gonna have to try this :)

Small-Animals - My future rats new cage! :D

Rat Cage for shroomy