Iridescent Mosaic Mirror, This lustrous mirror incorporates a rich, iridescent tile produced by treating glass with premium metal oxides. The tile becomes part of a striking mosaic reflecting light with ever-changing effects. This mirror has black, gray, and silver undertones, and when it catches the light, it shimmers with purples, blues, silvers and golds. I used Black orchid 3/8" glass tiles from Sicis Tile., Home Decor Project

Accent Mosaic Tile Bathroom the color!!!

Project Sapphire: DIY Tile Mirror HOLY MOLY! I may be doing this very soon!

mosaic mirror diy project

Iridescent tiles to use as the "jewelry" of the kitchen backsplash. (Maybe tumbled grey marble.) This or amber?

Peel & Stick Kitchen Backsplash - Want to skip the added steps of adhesive and grout when installing tile? Peel and stick tile is definitely an amazing afternoo…


Purple tile fitting for a penthouse bathroom or kitchen. | Grandin Road Color Crush on Purple Thistle

purple and gray---LOVE THIS!

This is what I need around my mirror because I sit on my floor and get ready in front of my mirror like that


Home Decor Wall Art Purple and Gray Flower by WallArtBoutique, $20.00 -

105 DIY Projects That Will Make You Proud: Traditional inlay dressers can cost thousands of dollars, but this version can be done under $40. : Add a little Versace to your bathroom with a mosaic tub project.

bathroom idea same idea, different colours Check out Dieting Digest

Ingenious. These tiles can be put around any mirror border. I chose to only put them on the bottom of the mirror, but you could definitely go the whole way around too. You can obviously add this to a perfectly in tact mirror as well : ) And if your mirror happens to completely shatter, just cover the whole darn thing in beautiful tiles and hang it on your wall! It will look amahzing.

Pier 1 Peacock Mosaic Bath Accessories

Mirrored subway tiles for a small dressing room or bathroom. Good substitute and illusion of light in a windowless room.

cheap DIY. jazz up your builder mirror: Create a frame with Tile. Even if you choose super expensive tile, this is a cheap option because you only need a few feet for a frame (measure and calculate based on your mirror’s dimensions). Use caulk to glue the tile onto your mirror and then grout.

Absolutely love this. Looks like many of the pieces can be found at IKEA (organizer, vanity, shelving). I'd have a larger mirror.

Love tile Love lower mantel. Love three tiers of mantel. Maybe what it would look like w/o bookcases. Probably my favorite mantel Also love paint color

Tile Mirror Tutorial