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Downtown Los Angeles, California

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Remnants of the Country Bear Jamboree by Tours Departing Daily

The Country Bear Jamboree has been missing from Disneyland for some time now but there are reminders here and there, like this sign for Big Thunder Ranch.

Searching for Blue Sky - Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure

Searching for Blue Sky

Blue sky is where dreams take flight and imagination knows no bounds. The answer is.Read more here at Tours Departing Daily

A rainbow appears in the rivers of Adventureland. Photo by Kevin Crone 'disney #imagineering

Walking along the exit of Indiana Jones, this magnificent rainbow decided to show itself! By the time I could get my camera ready to go, it had disappeared. So, now patience had to kick in.

"The Disney Junior Queue" #DCA from Matthew Hansen at www.toursdepartingdaily.com - #toursdepartingdaily #disney

The Disney Junior Queue

The Disney Junior Queue by Matthew Hansen

You'll notice quite a few ravens throughout The Haunted Mansion. The bird was originally cast as the attraction's narrator, until the "Ghost Host" stole the role.

17 Disneyland Easter eggs you never knew existed

Too Much Fun in the Shower - elephant in a waterfall on The World Famous Jungle Cruise in Adventureland at Disneyland

Searching for Blue Sky

Too Much Fun in the Shower One of the classic scenes of The World Famous Jungle Cruise is also a good reminder of what happens if you. Read more here at Tours Departing Daily


Cars Land Construction When Cars first opened, I went and saw it in the theater. The first thing I thought of when I saw Radiator Springs w.