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national geographic, december 2010 brood cells with petal shingles : osmia avosetta bees arrange flower petals to create beautiful and unique nests that swaddle their larvae in nutrients and warmth for the winter

Osmia avosetta is a species of mason bee. It is solitary by nature, and is unique in its use of flower petals to construct nests for its larvae

Osmia Avosetta are solitary bees that build their nests by biting petals off of flowers, flying them back one by one, and gluing them together often using nectar as glue. Each nest is a papermache work of art that houses a single bee egg. (coolest bees ever).

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Community Post: 10 Beautiful Things Created By Animals

Not all bees nest in hives. An unusual species native to Turkey and Iran creates "flower sandwiches" out of petals and mud for its larvae. The bees fill the flower sandwiches with enough nectar and pollen to sustain a single egg. All in all, it's a rather pretty nursery.