APRIL FOOLS! Shepherd's pie? YOU LIE!! That's right it's dessert - I created these out of Cocoa Krispie Treats mixed with "carrot and peas" made out of taffy. Melt some marshmallows in a little butter, spread on top and broil for a few seconds. My hubby was totally fooled by this one! :)

I love this candy sushi from a Ninjago Themed Party found via KarasPartyIdeas.com! It would be a perfect April Fool's "lunch" too! #NinjagoParty #PartyIdeas #PartyDecor #AprilFools #CandySushi

April Fools' day ideas

Chicken pot pie ...April Fool's...made with Starburst, pudding, and jolly ranchers

Orange Dyed Crescent Roll filled will chicken salad. So fun!

april fools day

Rice Krispie Sushi

Swedish fish & rice krispie treats sushi

KFC Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides...APRIL FOOLS!


Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream Cones

Oh My Spaghetti Pie (an Old Chicago copycat) April Fool's Day Dinner!

fauxberry pie

April Fool's Day recipes to fool your kids | crazyforcrust.com

Rice Krispy Treat nests with coconut grass and jelly bean eggs

April fools sushi

This pizza made from Rice Krispies, jam, frosting, fruit rollups (and even seen some with green sprinkles to look like herbs) would be perfect for April Fools Day.

APRIL FOOLS! Stump your friends with a dessert version of Chicken & Dumplings. Vanilla pudding, taffy made to look like peas and carrots, and diced angel food cake. The "dumpling" is angel food cake too!

April Fools Dinner (Dessert)

April Fool's dessert

NO WAY. 1 package Oreos, 5 cups of marshmallows, 4 tablespoons of butter - just like rice krispies treats, except Oreos!