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  • Lisa Vaccaro

    Good Morning Yoga: This is a 10-15 minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body... i've been looking for a morning yoga routine!!

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I would love to get to this point... just hold a pose for as many minutes possible and really feel my muscles working! omg... inspirational.

When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself; Art cannot become manifest; Strength cannot be exerted; Wealth is useless; and Reason is powerless. ~ Herophilus- 300 B.C.

Angela Kukhahn in Ardha Samokanasana and Brian Aganad in Handstand in Los Angeles River Photo by Tara Rice by Kukhahn Yoga

Good Morning Yoga 3 of 8 Open Hip From Downward Facing Dog lift your right leg all the way up to the sky behind you. Keeping the arms very strong, bend your right knee and stack your right hip over your left, opening up the hip, groin and thigh. Gently press the left heel down into the earth, being mindful to keep that heel from splaying out to the side.

[8 Good Morning Yoga Sequence] This is a 10-15 minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and life breathed into them after a night of sleep

Ready to get your yoga on? Then use this great go-to poster when you're looking to get your yoga on :) Re-pin now, check later.

My Yoga Professor at Cal State used to emphasize how important stretching in the morning is. She used to tell us that in nature mamals do this first thing upon waking. Always reminds me of her when my pugs give a good stretch in the morning. Here are some great yoga poses to help you wake up your body in the morning!