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Breastmilk is a perfect food that cannot be duplicated. It actually alters in composition to meet the changing needs of the growing infant. Breastfeeding provides substantial health, nutrition, and emotional benefits to mother and child alike. Programs to support breastfeeding are a great health investment, at low cost. Find out more and view the interactive infographic at

Economic Growth has Little Impact on Reducing Undernutrition in Children

Stunting - low height for age - in young children is a consequence of multiple factors that are often linked to poverty - including nutrition, health, sanitation and environment. Stunting can lead to development problems and is often impossible to correct - but it can be prevented. Infographic © UNICEF

5 Things to Know About School Nutrition Programs

This website gives 5 facts that most people would not know about school nutrition programs. Most of these facts are positive for schools.

For every 100 low-income children receiving school lunch, only 51 get a breakfast. Learn how schools can help more students start their day ready to learn. Date Source: Food Research and Action Center, “School Breakfast Scorecard: 2012-2013 School Year”