my best friend is blonde ;D <3

I have one blond friend but the quote is quote

That's what we've said all along!

You know who you are!

My bestie is the tall, skinny blonde :)

"Never really thought I was normal, she just helps me realize the extent of my weirdness. " that's what my besties last description was. Hi girl!!!! I'm adding on:) I'm only me when I'm with u sister!!! Seriously. No joke!!!

SO TRUE @Debbie Arruda Arruda DeLieto Chloe @Lisa Phillips-Barton a La Loopsy

For my sister who's my best friend, and each of my best friends who are sisters. :*

True Friendship!!!!

i knew they were meant for something, now i know what!

So true

yes, I do <3

A best friend says the truth!

hahah yesterday !!! @Viktoria Adamova

the whole world is on your side | as long as you are true to the best of you | tumblr

Very true.

Em <3

So true.

Love country music!! And this is so true <3