30 “Friends” Lines That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

Hidden messages in How I Met Your Mother…this episode is so sad but it's just one reason I love the show


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Legen-Wait for it-dary facts about 'How I met your mother' infographic (Really, Ted, 29 women?! You whore. Lol) #HIMYM

The ages of the cast when the show premiered: | 25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About "Friends"


75 Truths “How I Met Your Mother” Taught You About Adulthood. " when you find someone you want to keep around.. You do something about it. "

Yellow umbrella from How I Met Your Mother

I love How I Met Your Mother.

#himym Truth. I NEED to know!



I just got a craving for some tv & movie goodness (21 photos)

How I met your mother, Love it!


Here's how Rachel (and Rachel's hair) evolved over 10 years of Friends.

"hmmm..I can't see the left hand.."

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How I Met Your Mother