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  • Isela Martinez-Reyes

    What You Need `5 tbs butter `3 tbs brown sugar `1 tsp vanilla `pinch of salt `1 cup water `1 cup flour `4 large eggs (MUST be at room temp.) `Oil for frying (I use canola) `Cinnamon and Sugar for yummy coating Directions {Make sure to follow exactly...This dough can be a major B to work with! Totally worth it though} `First heat the butter, brown sugar, vanilla, salt and water until it comes to a soft boil. Like tiny bubbles coming up the sides. `Turn off the heat and pour flour into pot. Mix with a spoon until the dough forms a large ball. Make sure the flour is all mixed in. You don't want pieces of flour through out.

  • Eliana Hunter

    BABY BOY BAKERY: recipes

  • Lydia Thury

    Homemade Churros recipe.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Homemade Churros. Enough said

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