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    Split-Squat Curl (5-8 lb weight): Stand, holding one end of dumbbell in each hand. Lunge forward with right leg, bending both knees 90 degrees; bending elbows at shoulder level in front of you, bring center of dumbbell in front of forehead. (video)

    • Dovie Nader

      The Split-Squat Curl #exercise works your abs, obliques and butt and #Workout Exercises|

    • Kim Cadiz

      The Split-Squat Curl exercise works your abs, obliques, butt, and legs. I always feel my abs working with this one.

    • Christina M

      The Split-Squat Curl #exercise works your abs, obliques and butt and legs. #makefithappencontest

    • FITNESS Magazine

      The Split-Squat Curl #exercise works your abs, obliques and butt and legs.

    • Stacia Keen Becher

      Watch Split-Squat Curl in the Fitness Magazine Video

    • Whitney Crum

      crunch free ab workout

    • Amanda K

      Standing Ab workouts

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