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One love By L*Space!! #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @MBFashionWeek

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Soo Nautical- by L*Space! #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @MBFashionWeek

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All wrapped up! #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @MBFashionWeek

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#MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @MBFashionWeek

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South Beach Style! #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @MBFashionWeek

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White Goddess #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt #swim #beach #fashion #summer @Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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Lovely Teal swimsuit! #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt ! #swim #beach #fashion #summer @Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week : MBFW Swim 2012 #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week : MBFW Swim 2012 #MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt!

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‪Bring on the Sun! #MBFWSwim‬ ‪#PinIt2WinIt‬ ‪#swim‬ ‪#beach‬ ‪#fashion‬ ‪#summer‬ @Luli Fama @Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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#MBFWSwim #PinIt2WinIt! #swim #beach #fashion #summer #sun #beauty

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Driven Models Network - Highlights on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013

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Looking for a fresh way to sass up your jeans? Then clear out a special spot in your closet for the latest take on statement dressing: The bell-sleeved blouse. We can’t get enough of this fun and flirty top, as it’s the perfect pairing for just about any spring skirt, short or pant you can think of. Whether you’re buying on a budget or have some extra spending money in your pocket, you can score your own version of the up-and-coming trend today.

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Nasty Gal Caged Chaos Swimsuit | Shop Swimwear at Nasty Gal

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