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PETA Pack registration is now open! Join the 2013 team today: #PETAPack #run #animals #animalrights #PETA #running #exercise

Happy National Running Day! Celebrate by joining the #PETAPack team and running for animals this summer: PETA.ORG/RACE

Last chance to join the PETA Pack team and run a half marathon for animals this year! Register today at PETA.ORG/RUN

PETA Pack Coach Darren is a vegan certified personal trainer with a certificate in plant based nutrition. He'll be coaching the team through a series of virtual coaching videos leading up to the half marathon. Be sure to register today at

Ever wonder what goes into a hot dog? The answer may make you think twice about biting into another ballpark frank.


Don't Be a Dick (Comic)

Show your friends how not to be a "Dick" by adopting dogs and other animals, not buying from a pet store.


The Life of A Cow (Infographic)

RAW MILK FAQ-Q: Won't raw milk make me sick? A: Not if it is properly collected from cows fed organic grass (and a minimum of grain). Heavy grain diets change the composition of the milk and hinder its ability to protect itself. Grass-fed milk has natural antibiotic properties that help protect it (and those lucky enough to drink it) from pathogenic bacteria. #food #recipe


Feeding the Future (Infographic)

Feeding the Future


Do You Have 60 Seconds to Save Seals?

The Canadian seal slaughter has begun... so sad.

Margay cat, very rare, often confused with ocelot. This is the only cat whose hind legs rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to run headfirst down trees.

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33 Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves

a baby pig with a stuffed animal version of itself!