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This would make an awesome picture to frame :)

Nature scene pattern / chart for cross stitch, knitting, knotting, beading, weaving, pixel art, and other crafting projects.

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Minecraft designs for HAMA beads (Mini-eco)

Minecraft designs for Fractions decimals and percentage Level a- color three different colors, write a fraction for each color you chose Level b-create a robot with 1/2 green 1/4 blue 2/8 red.... Level c-create a robot with1/2 green 25% blue 0.12 red...

A collection of 3D fabrics that fold, fracture and turn three-dimensional, derived from the flat printed pattern. The textiles are made in a unique process, in which the printed image defines the fabric’s dropping and folding. The light, elastic textiles are dyed and then screen printed with an inflexible material that indicates the nature of the fabric’s movement and creates a new, three-dimensional textile structure. -- Mika Barr

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Beautiful, Beautiful Data

Beautiful, Beautiful Data - Core77

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For the Geek at Heart — Final Frame

Computer icon poster prints by artist Steve Thomas.

paper, plate, and planefrom paper, plate, and plane

“keys to my heart”

Keyboard upcycling.