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  • Kristin Healt

    An optical illusion... too hilarious! :)

  • Melanie Bennett

    Unfortunate fake water reflection in newspaper photo. Was supposed to say "suit yourself". Hahahahaha

  • Rachel Dooley

    It doesn't say what you think it says. haha how the hell does this make it to the printing press without an entire editing staff noticing. ah hey bob dont you think your title suit yourself looks like shit yourself with the water reflection font you used here or is it just me?!

  • Melanie Adey - Whimsical Creations

    unfortunate text placement for suit yourself

  • Jess <3

    VICTORIA’S SECRET: PROFANITY CALAMITY - suit or shit? Your pick.

  • Allbark Nobite

    Oh dear - had to look at this for a minute to get it... Why you need to be careful with the effects you add to text... mark this one under "graphic design faux pas."

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