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"My kids can be almost anything they want: religious, agnostic, atheist, gay, bi, straight, asexual, trans, genderfluid, genderless, whatever. The one thing I won't let them be is a bully."

Davey Wavey on why there is not straight parade, and why we deserve Gay parade - #respect #Mardigras #LGBT #LGBTPride

When Nikola Tesla invented the AC (alternating current) induction motor, he had great difficulty convincing men of his time to believe in it.-


Defend rights for women…

Patrick Stewart <3 easily one of the best humans to ever grace the earth. Just a really, really, very good person. Always repin

Upworthyfrom Upworthy

Jon Stewart Pins Down The Media With Their Own Words

Jon Stewart Pins Down The Right Wing Media With Their Own Words

Sometimes people are so incredibly shortsighted's so sad. Free your mind.


Thuth about gay couples…

gay parenting -i love this!

Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for the children. Why doesn't anyone talk about leaving better children for the planet?

I wish more people subscribed to the philosophy that it's better to share the awesome than to call people stupid for not already being awesome. If they did there wouldn't be any douchey hipsters.

Cute message.

Cute message.

Cute message.