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Could change this to "I think you're Super!" and make classroom friend Valentine's out of the idea. Love options that are unisex and not at all suggestive..

This is another original... I basically bought a $3 sugar container and filled it with white rice and glitter. I taped and glued the hole shut (I left the "flap" to the container open so it can make the "noise" to be more realistic!). Whenever my kids are noisy/chatty, I "sprinkle" the silent sprinkles over their heads and then tell them to use the magic silent sprinkle to get self-control.. Works like, well magic :) :) :)

Classroom Jobs Clip Chart in Polka Dots {EDITABLE}

Keep track of classroom jobs this year with this cheerful Polka Dot Brights Classroom Jobs Clip Chart package. This set is designed to be a classroom job clip chart. To keep track of classroom jobs, simply hang up the chart in your classroom and use clothespins to assign jobs to various students. Simply switch the clothespins around from week to week. There are editable options provided within this PDF package for you to "name" your own classroom jobs

such a cute idea! i wanna make one for my teacher table so that when students are called out to work with me one on one, they feel more like it's a privilege to sit there than a punishment.

20 Best PVC Pipe Projects for Kids Summer Fun

Kids are all fond of spending time outdoor, so you can do something that makes their outdoor time more fun. Easy PVC pipe projects are a great choice. Check out!