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all lined up and orderly....NOT! but it doesn't feel chaotic.

Love this garden path. I'm going to do this in yellow brick in my dream home...I better start clicking the heels of my ruby slippers together!

Create Motion - Run bricks, pavers, or other materials in a wavy pattern to create interest and give your pathway a sense of movement as you walk through the landscape.

exquisite garden path. Can't you just picture Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy having a discussion here? :-)

Stone walkway with Irish Moss (Sagina subulata) between the flagstones.

Keep It Safe Well-lit garden paths are safer to walk on. Low-voltage lighting and solar landscape lights add style as well. Click here for more on landscape lighting

Pavers of Colorado buff sandstone, set low enough for a mower to pass over them easily, the pavers were placed atop a base of compacted sand. Then the sod was planted around and between them.

You can say goodbye to the old school 9-5 dead end job thanks to this! - chumpno1.easyprof...

look at my beautiful side yard. My husband, Hugh Jackman, is inside making me a gin and tonic.

Flagstone path like this one. Its wide and gentle curves form generous planting pockets filled with Mazus reptans, a flowering ground cover. We are actually making a flagstone extension sidewalk and I wish we would have used the flowering ground cover. I LOVE Flagstone + Paths! ♥