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Flower Cupcakes

Today's cupcakes, courtesy of user kimnguyen_, look like a beautiful spring garden, with edible flowers of all sorts. Colorful and flavorful, these are perfect for the warm weather.

Hydrangea Cupcakes. "These are... I'm just... I can't get over how exquisite these are. And I can't get over how these would be not only a dessert dish but a centerpiece and a theme for a tea, bringing Spring outdoors to Winter inside. SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE technique, but take a cue from the photo food stylist: Don't pipe the stars straight... add a twist-and-lift for a more open, petal effect." -Cas

Hydrangea Cupcakes

Two years ago, I decorated for my beautiful niece's bridal shower using 80 hydrangea blooms. I wish I had seen these cupcakes back then. I guess they'll have to wait for the next shower!

Beautiful cupcakes

Let Them Eat Cake // Olofson Design Wedding cake Olofson Design Cake inspiration cake wedding inspiration wedding food inspiration found and beautiful


I love cupcakes. I love The Muppets. Therefore, I love love this picture. And I want these cupcakes.

Aliens from Toy Story

21 Disney Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind

So cute for a party or anyday Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes to make. A troop of alien squeeze-toys played an important role in Buzz and Woody's adventure. It's a piece of cake to invite these little green monsters to your child's Toy Story-themed party.