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"Grizzly Cub Waving Hello!" [An orphaned female grizzly cub that was rescued after the mom was killed.]~[Photograph by AlaskaFreezeFrame (Gary Lackie) - August 13 2006 - Alaska]'h4d'121102

If only he wouldnt grow up to maul me...

Best Friends | Graham Franciose. - Ink and acrylic on coffee stained paper.

Jake ~ It looks like his keeping fit at his local gymnastics club! This is the pommel horse! Or...he could just be sitting on a log waiting for dinner to come by!

Not all bears are created one color, there's brown, white/cream,'s almost like humans, huh, imagine not creating everything one color...get out the brown box, is full of color, enjoy the variety.

Oso - Animal -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher! CLICK -> <- Sígueme! あったかそう。もふもふしたい

A tree full of baby bears .... SQEE!!! 32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

little cub KOdaaaa... (8)O pé na estrada eu vou botar, que já ta na hora de ir. Um lindo horizonte e o céu azul, o que mais eu poderia pedir? (8)

[Nostalgic - Montana - Bears - Mountain - Snow - Photograph]

These furry bears could be your welcoming committee if you visit the mountains in East TN!

all those who wander are not lost!

Tell me why a step in any direction Can end a life, Tell me why they are Killed by a gun or a knife, Tell me why all i see Is a lie Tell me Tell me why...