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Washing method to extend the life of berries in your refrigerator by a few days

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27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

This trick of putting a paper towel in with your salad lettuce will keep it fresh all week long. The paper towel will absorb the moisture, which is the culprit for wilting lettuce.

TIP: When you get your berries home, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar (white or apple cider) and ten parts water. Dump the berries into the mixture and swirl around. Drain, rinse if you want (though the mixture is so diluted you can't taste the vinegar,) and pop in the fridge. The vinegar kills any mold spores and other bacteria on the surface. Raspberries will last a week or more, and strawberries go almost two weeks without getting moldy and soft.

Everything you need to know about Properly Freezing Fruits & Veggies. So helpful!

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How To Cook Rice on the Stove — Cooking Lessons from

For those of you who haven't mastered it: How to Cook Rice on the Stove via The Kitchn


Marinated Cucumbers, Onions, and Tomatoes

When it comes to Summer Salads...just a few Simple & Fresh Ingredients are all that we need! Can't wait to try this Marinated Cucumber Tomato Salad.

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4 Ideas for Overnight Oatmeal

How to make overnight oats

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27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Use a vinegar solution to make your berries last longer.

Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we've got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long!

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How To Prevent Mold From Growing On Organic Berries

My Mom also taught me to place dry berries on a covered, towel lined plate in the refrigerator to keep them clean and mold free. Always works. How To Prevent Mold From Growing On Organic Berries |

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Crostini with Pea Shoots and Strawberries

Crostini with Pea Shoots and Strawberries by thekitchn #Crostini #Pea_Shoots #Strawberries #thekitchn

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Food Science: Why Are Hard-Boiled Eggs So Hard to Peel?

Add baking soda to the water when you hard boil eggs. It raises the pH of the water and makes them easier to peel by reducing the albumen's ability to stick to the shell. Nice tip!

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The Secret to Keeping your Strawberries from Molding!

No more hairy strawberries with this simple secret that has yet to fail me.

soak a large carton of strawberries in a solution of apple cider vinegar (white vinegar works too) and water for about 5 minutes. (1/2 cup vinegar, 2 1/2 cups of water) rinse them with clean water and then placed them on towel to dry. When dried, return to the clean carton or a bowl and keep in the refrigerator.

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Berry Green Smoothie

Berry Green Smoothie Recipe Beverages with spinach leaves, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, bananas, milk, old-fashioned oats, sugar

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Individual Raspberry Cobblers

Technically, I could also call these Raspberry Cobbler Cupcakes. That’s kind of what they are. You can substitute ANY fruit you have onhand: chunks of pear, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, chunks of apple. They’re little. And lovely. And sweet. Find more details at

“After you’ve washed and dried your produce, wrap it in a plain white paper towel, then put it in the refrigerator.  This trick really works, try it!   It makes lettuce leaves last twice as long as usual!”


Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Mediterranean Chopped Salad - loaded with fresh vibrant flavors.