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Well if that's not the most adorable thing ever

Yes, this is precious. Would I have tackled that dog in frame three? You bet!

Remember when this was all you needed in life? A diaper and a kitten.

There's always something going on at a farm! This pictures is so great because it seems to almost tell a story. It makes me happy just to look at it!

Sandy Nose - Boef's first time on the beach by Bernard Schep, Flickr | Golden Retriever pup.

Love your Dachshund? Find a perfect custom gift by clicking on the image ♥

uhh!! This looks like the stuffed "Sir Jack" I got for Mark bc he wanted a puppy but he lived in the dorms. I want this real one!! (:

mommy and baby. thats so cute its like mother and son. dogs are the most cutest thing im a doglover. like if ur a doglover

AWWWWW. This makes me want to have another babe and pup!!! :)

What did you do to my blanket little brother I did nothing I square and why do you still sleep with your blanket ab

These two are going to be best friends…