Dew on the Ladybug & her Flower

raindrops on roses and dew drops on ladybugs. / ladybug and the morning dew

Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine]

Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine]. I am so intrigued by photographs of drew drops reflecting nature. Need to practice my photography more.  Learn how to do this.  This is the best!  I am ready to   children learn photography  !  I dont have to pay a fortune to learn how to do this!  Click for tips.

The beauty of water droplets – in pictures

of water dew .Push and chose .Take on traditional heavy dew portends a clear day.Dew formed in calm weather, when the surface of the earth and all things that are in it, begin to cool and radiate heat into the surface.

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Persis Clayton Weirs Creekside- Whitetail Deer

Ladybug, or ladybird (family Coccinellidae) covered in dew • Photo by German biologist Jens Kolk

Funny pictures about A ladybug after the rain. Oh, and cool pics about A ladybug after the rain. Also, A ladybug after the rain photos.

Gazzania & Dandelion by venkane (take a good look at reflection in water droplets)

Drops of water on barren stock, that highlights the yellow-orange flower in the background making it glow.

Ladybug.  Fun to watch and no biting or stinging.  Best bug ever!

Ladybug with a dew drop dripping off it's back. This beetle is the example of the ladybug with the two white dashes recommended best for the garden.

The leaning tower of butterflies: Mass of Monarchs in Mexico makes the heart flutter with joy. I hope to see this in person some day ♥

The leaning tower of butterflies: Mass of Monarchs in Mexico makes the heart flutter with joy

Monarch butterflies line a branch of a bush in the Pedro Herrada butterfly sanctuary on a mountain in the Mexican state of Michoacan

morning dew - wow!

Rivière de perles by fredlab. An ordinary milk weed seed transformed into a beautiful "river of pearls".

Amazing school of fish! Our World Underwater 2013 Winning Image by Octavio Aburto

An awesome courtship swarm of Bigeye fish (via David and Goliath - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic) Amazing!

I like the idea of creating vine like features that drape from my Triffid costumes to increase their size and make the movement of them less rigid.  This plant demonstrates an interesting texture that I can use to develop my textiles ideas.   "drosophyllum lusitanicum- carnivorous plant."

natureisthegreatestartist: “What’s this? It’s a carnivorous plant called drosophyllum lusitanicum. And those sparkling droplets are actually sweet, sticky secretions that trap insects.

Two sisters leading around their boy cousin

Ladybugs in the garden - Did you know farmers love them for their appetite? Most ladybugs voraciously consume plant-eating insects, and in doing so they help to protect crops.