Lost! Create a snowman, and describe the snowman so that others can find the one that is yours.

Hot Chocolate Craft and Writing Activity. Great for using adjectives to describe the taste, smell, warmth etc...

This a great way to help kids who don't know what to write about. We could read some graphic novels first then make these superheroes.

Snowman Writing

We have spent a good majority of the year sharing wishes and dreams. For our storyline expo, we are creating silhouettes of students sharing what they love about our school.

Writing: what caused my snowman to melt.

This is a fun, free download created by Two Can Do It. (Use for an enrichment activity or for early finishers.)

Idea board for free writing - put into What to write about tab of Writer's Notebook at beginning of year

writing ideas

"Who Is Worth More To You Than Gold?" is a lovely idea for a March creative writing assignment and bulletin board display.

You simply post this up on the board and students must create a story using one phrase from each color. This is fun and challenging! #nsc417

"If Santa got stuck in my chimney, I would . . . "

persuasive writing in December

Pencils and Magic Wands: Cute idea for the first week of school writing prompt... would make a cute September bulletin board recapping our summers!

6 Traits of Writing Board-- similar to CAFE board for reading

Goldilocks rule to finding "just right" books...use with Goldisocks and the Three Libearians.

FREEBIE ALERT!! - Classroom Freebies Too: My Holiday Break - the link takes you to a blog where there's another link to the creator's TPT store. The packet is $1.00 but if you download the preview you can get the organizer and writing paper for FREE!!

"Said is Dead"...Encourage descriptive writing with these alternatives to "said".

Wow! A super helpful writing tool that addresses common core writing expectations.

Goal Board

Descriptive words