Heart kabobs made with melon for a Valentine's Day breakfast!

Fruity Flower Bouquet-- take a skewer, alternate between grapes and blueberries, and add a pineapple slice to top it off.

Strawberry & Watermelon Heart Kabobs! #wedding #food #catering #finger_food #fruit

All you need is a cookie cutter and a skewer (or plastic straw for small children)

#Watermelon Heart #Fruit Salad

a child's cute, easy, and good for you snack: fruits & veggie fish

Apple surprise

Honeydew Raspberry Popsicles

valentine fruit

How to create a heart-shaped cake! #valentines #valentinesday http://www.kitchenandcompany.com/bakeware/cake-pans/

Food should make you smile. I think I need to try this!

Under The Sea Summer Snack

Fruit cones. . . Could even make them PKU friendly

hearts in heart

Serve veggies and dip in a baguette! (The source found this idea on Pinterest but didn't share a link so I have no clue where the original idea came from.)

Yogurt cone! Healthy and delicious

Class party



A patriotic mocktail for the kids!