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What does Libertarian mean? Hint: it's the only moral political party, the only one not based on using force against others.

Wake up! There are not only TWO candidates and/or parties. Do your research and always find the better candidate. InstituteforHypno...

Somewhere, in a secure, undisclosed location, lurks the last living moderate. They fit this chart quite well.

I registered as a Libertarian today. For the first time, I feel I'm helping America with a choice. :)

Libertarian humor- Parks and Recreation. Ron is damn cool!

The original gangster of libertarianism. ...Actually, I'm gonna say John Locke was libertarian before T.J. All the same, the tyranny you've been hearing about in the news? Yeah, we're sliding down a greased mountainside into the tyranny T.J. was talking about.