Gotta try this 5-Move World Cup Workout! You can even do it at home with the kids.

For all my soccer girls....drills/workouts to get back in playing shape or just great shape in general :)

Soccer-Football Field Workouts - Looks like a good one to do while the kids are at soccer practice!

Ankle strengthening: cause I'm tired of sore ankles after a 8 miler!

Dempsey's Best Arm Workout for Women

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Fast footwork helps tremendously with dance! List of Agility Ladder Drills | Powered by liveSite

Jessica Smith designed this HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for a 30-minute workout at home.

Full Body Stretch Routine. Will definitely do because the more stretches you do the more room you'll have for muscle growth

The best stretches for your hip flexor!

Train Like a World Cup Star at Home with This 5-Move Soccer Workout

Too tired. Don't have time. It's too cold. Can't find a sports bra. Whatever your excuse, these motivational quotes are the antidote to skipping your workout. S

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work #Health #Fitness #StressRelief #MountVernonFlats

Great way to motivate yourself to be #healthy and #fit. Page dedicated to all fit people and dieters of pinterest.

Lose Your Muffin Top w/ 2 moves from Tracey Mallett

Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain Exercises- After healing strengthening care so I can get back into running as quickly as is possible

So true! Determination is the big one whether it is running, walking, working out or just doing anything to get your body moving :)

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