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I love the gradient of this cake. I think it would work having a tangerine color transitioning to fuchsia. I also love the sprinkles and think it would look cool if they had some on the top of each layer and "fell" of the edge a bit.

Anniversary Cake

Make a mini anniversary cake. Isn't it cute? Anything tiny is somehow cute. At it’s widest, it’s 3.5 inches—perfect for 2 people. It tastes like a wedding cake too. You know the wedding cake taste—fruity, decadent, and rich.

Loving Birthday Cake

flag banner cake topper. More party inspiration at

S'mores Dip

This recipe is awesome! It's so easy to make S'mores without a campfire. (Perfect for when it's raining.) Check out this fun recipe for the family. #HersheysSummer #ad