Food ain't what is used to be... Sadly... Think about it.


The Truth About GMOs: Learn about the potential harms of controversial GM foods and how you can identify GMOs—and avoid them—in the supermarket.

how to avoid GMO ( genetically modified food) Its estimated that 80% of grocery store food contains GMO's....

GMO foods to avoid

Dangerous link between Monsanto genetically engineered foods and our allergy epidemic...

GMO Foods To Avoid

Monsanto is poisoning your food.

Ever wonder why Monsanto keeps getting away with poisoning the food supply? Ask these prominent government employees of 'the people' why they put you and your children at risk!

A Shopper's Guide to Pesticides

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about Food and Happiness by happify via thedailymeal: Eating together and cooking together (and choosing butter over margarine) can keep you and your family happier in the long run. #Infographic #Food #Happiness

cherries at the farmers market

A good reason to buy food from farmers. (There's a reason my family and I get nauseous from the food the first few weeks we return to the U.S.)


Smart Health Talk Most Important: One billion pounds of toxic pesticides dumped annually. One scientist said so many pesticides concentrated in environment, in air, landing on everything so we eat, drink, breathe it. Our world is bathing in pesticides. What next? 2 billion pounds? We have to learn to live without them and we can. Two top scientists in the country have spoken of risks that come with these toxins. If we can't listen to a scientist from Consumer Reports and believe him then wh...

How Monsanto Went From Selling Aspirin to Controlling Our Food Supply - Monsanto controls our food, poisons our land, and influences all three branches of government. This article was published in partnership with

Monsanto’s GMO Wheat Goes Rogue For years, Monsanto has said “Don’t worry” about their open-air field tests of unapproved genetically engineered (GE) crops. PR flacks and Monsanto-funded scientists all but guaranteed us that the biotech giant’s frankenseeds wouldn't escape. But they did escape. And now the company’s Roundup-resistant wheat – never approved for planting in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world – has turned up on an Oregon farm.

It's the truth!

eat this during a craving instead.

Stop Monsanto - they never intended to feed the world - rather they feed their shareholders

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