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5/6 The nurse giving me my shot asked if I had kids. My answer was no I have a cat. I complimented the lady at my dr's appt desk for having a desk calendar with cats that including black cats. Who says you need more than one cat to be the crazy cat lady?

My heart.. I love all cats, but especially black cats. Love makes good things happen. Black cats are lucky and they are smart.

This is true. Black cats are the sweetest cats ever. They're always treated different because of the black cat crossing your path superstition. But they're amazing. (Tonight my little Lucy man passed in my arms peacefully. He is missed so much already and has joined my Siamese Bonsai, in kitty heaven. I love you Luce and will see you again someday.)

Dwarven Battle Bonnet, pattern available through Ravelry. (picture credit to MizToolLady) cats-cats-cats

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