love the angle!

! Love this angle. And it'd be just as cute with the tops of a couple heads poking up at the bottom, depending on the size of your family.

love pose

daddy snuggles


Warm and Cozy Family Photo Shoot with Beautiful Newborn Baby by Kelsey Erin Photography | Two Bright Lights

new baby picture

I want a picture like this


..I want to turn the clock back 30 years and start again with these photos but once you have missed them they wont come back and if you don't print everyone out back up your laptop so u will never lose them

I love this for a framed picture in the baby's room and maybe for the hallway too

family picture

30 ways to photograph your newborn... I'll be glad I saved this :)

Perfect newborn shot--I really love how it shows both their rings too :)


Cute idea. Newborn photo

Baby's first Christmas

mom and dad with newborn pose

one of the prettiest family pictures:: Love the angle on this!

sweet pic.

So adorable!