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Can somebody give me an intuitive understanding of Sine, Cosine, Tangent and perhaps Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant in such a way I won't forget? • /r/askscience

In math, hah this song came on in class the other day and all the kids were singing it while we were solving equations saying they had to show their work work work work work

Brainstorm Math is a website with over 2000 Maths Videos covering Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, PreCalculus and Calculus

This site has tons of worksheets and activities - he has all of his lesson plans and worksheets available to be downloaded!

Coordinate Grid Hangman played just like hangman only instead of giving the actual letter,students have to give the ordered pair of the point the letter is on in the graph. Idea: Give students a category they have to choose a word from such as restaurants, animals, cities, etc.

80 EDUCATIONAL ALTERNATIVES TO YOUTUBE - This eBook is supposed to empower educators and teachers with reliable video resources where they can find multemedia materials to use with their students when YouTube is not available.

I don't teach high school math but I watched this entire video and wanted to sit through the rest of his class. He is awesome!! Algebra 2 - Exponents