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    100 best websites for #writers and includes freelancing, business, craft, copywriting and more! #thewritelife

    Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. . . . my-inspiration

    Forcing yourself to continue writing when you're wrong about a story being ready will produce poor results. Here's how to tell if your story isn't ready.

    He went to the store ... He moseyed ... He hightailed it ... He hastened ... He beelined ... 250 ways to say went. #writingtips:


    8 Things Writers Forget When Writing Fight Scenes - Good ideas

    If you're wondering how to write the beginning of a novel, here are 10 things you should avoid doing in your first three chapters.

    If you're struggling with writing a character, write 20 things that the reader will never know about that character.

    Things I wish I knew about worldbuilding when I started writing

    30 Things I've Learned About Writing That Made A Big Difference by Stephanie Morrill

    how to write mean characters

    7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block |

    These are the eleven books on this writer's bookshelf that help them write fiction

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    Keep writing.

    Ten Tips for Young Authors from Jump Into a Book. Tons of great resource and links on her post too!

    And you can freak out and go all manchild spazzy and call me "trash of trash," and I'll just roll my eyes and thank God I didn't end up with you LOL #writers #write

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    Freelance writing is great no matter who you are, what you do, or where your career is headed. Here is how to get your first freelance writing job: