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  • Anna Oman

    Funny Movies Ecard: Oh, you thought you were allowed to speak while Harry Potter was on? That's cute.- Or while I am reading it.

  • Lara-Katelyn Kracek

    So much truth, just ask my husband... when Harry Potter is over of course!!

  • Tiffany Renée

    Im the kind of crazy friend you want to keep around haha

  • Maddy Lunde

    Me to people while watching Harry Potter

  • Kaeti Adney

    Absolutely! @morgann gilbert grab a beer bottle and let's get violent.

  • Hannah Laue

    True story

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this is me almost every night. LOL

When your best friend is pregnant and you realize you won't have kids at the same time as planned. In fact, at your rate hers will babysit yours. | Confession Ecard |

You can always count on me to be the asshole who gives you a reality check instead of telling you what you want to hear.

If you really want to get to know me don't stalk me on Facebook....just follow me on Pinterest. TRUE. TRUE. TRUE. (In fact ... I JUST told my husband ... if he really wanted to know all about me ... check out my PINTEREST boards.) Crazy, eh?

There are eight ways of contacting me through my phone that don't involve me having to talk to you. Use one of those.

how I feel when someone I know gets pregnant. Yay for my empty uterus & sleeping through the night!

If I have more than 3 days off work, I forget how to do my job. But if a song comes on the radio that I haven't heard since 1995, I still know every.last.word.

So is this ecard trying to say that you are supposed to react differently?? Because that would just be crazy talk.

This is my life. I keep it to myself 99% of the time nowadays. Some days I think I might explode with annoyance, but I don't. I take a deep breath and say a little silent prayer for strength. Truthfully though, I do share it all with my husband, but that's different. He knows what I'm going through. ~bzb

Your ability to weave in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed and end up as the car in front of me at the red light is amazing!