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Have I Wasted My Life As A SAHM

“What? You’re just doing to waste your life?” Came the flabbergasted response of my long-time friend. “Ummm…no. I’m going to marry a pastor and be a stay-at-home wife and mom.” “Yeah, but what about your music? You’re just going to throw your talent away like that?” “No. I will still use it — just i...
  • The Mamas

    Guide to Childbirth Education in Queens

  • Jason Ross

    changes in a new parents life

  • Tabitha Rex

    Human or otherwise a mother's love is eternal.

  • Pam Pirtle

    Coconut Oil is a baby-safe alternative to other oils, especially during a massage. Tips from @Isabelle - Romantic at Heart Beginnings Infant Massage

  • FindStake

    What a Mom Wants! 6 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms | A Year with ...

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    Mother Son Love | Mothers Whisper.

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    Birth Story: The long-awaited arrival of Lucas Taylor #birth #labour

  • Melissa

    Baby quote with baby feet, framed and placed on gift table

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1. You have a “Mommy Time Out” in the bathroom for 10 minutes just to get some peace and quiet. 2. A “quiet bath” becomes a day at the spa. 3. You’re typing on the computer holding your sleeping baby. 4. You stay up late just to have some “me” time. 5. Your New Years Resolutions are to potty train your child and to get your baby to sleep through the night.

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The truth's something I could never find pride in being. Yet something God has used to work amazing beauty in my life.