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Aymara knitwear - Collection Kids & Women

Eiskristalle Skate Dress | These eiskristalle (ice crystals) are inspired by the Jugendstil arts and crafts movement that began in Munich.

Schneereich Ski Dress | Schneereich (schnee-rhye) means snowy. This alpinstil (alpine style) dress just sparkles with winter charm.

Schneeflocken Zip Hoodie | The top of this cozy hoodie is frosted with a very Tea version of Germany's schneeflocken (snowflakes). Size 2 yr

Pusteblume Graphic Dress | Pusteblume (post-aye-bloom-a) is a dandelion that's ready to poof and blow away in the wind.

tea-stained dresses...found a beautiful white cotton maxi dress while thrifting. Thinking I may do this with it....

“what really drives me is to dress my children with clothes made for children. I do not like either to decorate them or dress them up as adults”. -bobochoses

Tea dress...ya know for tea parties and such. ( can you tell I really want a girl?)

Lübeck Dobby Dress | We named this dress for Lübeck, a large city that's home to one of Germany's major ports.

Elfengarten Sateen Sash Dress | Elfengarten (elle-fen-gart-en) means an elf's or pixie's garden. In German mythology, these two are tiny supernatural creatures that live amongst the flowers outdoors.