English Toffee Bites ~ a classic recipe *NOTE: this recipe is amazing! It's super easy and doesn't call for a bunch of crazy ingredients. Try making them in mini cupcake tins! They turn out perfectly round and adorable!! Maybe silicone ice-cube trays?

New Orleans Pralines are the perfect Christmas candy. #candy #pralines #Christmas candy

Toffee Chocolate Bars - One of the best desserts ever!! they are simply amazing and so easy to make!..

Award winning Lemon Cookie - Dont ever lose this recipe - they are amazing!

English Toffee Recipe With Just 4 Ingredients- A Gluten Free Candy you can make in just 7 minutes for about $2.00!

Toffee Recipe | Best and easiest toffee that I've had. I didn't use the almonds and used semi sweet chips for the top. Tastes just like a Skor bar. So good!

Pecan-Toffee Cake with Praline Creme Anglaise

Bite-size Party bark using melted white chocolate, sweet cranberries, toffee & dark chocolate chips in ice cube trays or candy trays

These coconut almond bites are addictively delicious, and require no bake time.

Homemade Chocolate #Coconut Bounty Bars ~ These homemade versions of super popular coconut bars are extremely easy to make at your own kitchen and they take only 3 ingredients you already have on hand. So you probably can go and make them right now!

Must try. The fluffiest, chewiest, most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever--all thanks to a very surprising ingredient!

Awesome Raspberry Sticky Buns - An easy #stickybuns #recipe that is perfect for #spring!

Perfect English Toffee: a MUST HAVE for Christmas

This homemade salted dark chocolate almond toffee is completely over the top in the best way possible. Covered in rich salted dark chocolate, each sweet buttery bite is filled with crunchy toasted almonds.

English Toffee Recipe

These OMG Cluster copycats have plenty of chocolate, toffee, and golden grahams to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sweet and Saltines Recipe : Trisha Yearwood : Food Network - FoodNetwork.com

club cracker toffee

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