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The virgin suicides - This movie is about five sisters who are kept under strict control by their religious parents to a point that drives them into depression.

The Virgin Suicides directed by Sofia Coppola. I love her films. She is one of my favorite directors

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Fantastic Mr Fox one of my favorite movies by Wes Anderson. I think this was the movie that brought-out the present doll house style Wes shot his recent movies (Moonrise Kingdom; Grand Budapest Hotel) in.

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"What lingered after them was not life, but the most trivial list of mundane facts: a clock ticking on a wall, a room dim at noon, and t...

As much as any contemporary director, Sofia Coppola has captured the feeling of young people adrift in a seductive world. With The Bling Ring, she continues her intimate exploration of lives in transition.

Mainly employing shades of orange and blue, an impossible dreamland is created. Lachman's use of creamy old-fashioned images evoques the nostalgia and melancholy in the film.

Virgin Suicides, The Love Sex Passion Fear Obsession. 20 years on from their teenage obsession with the five Lisbon sisters, a group of men attempt to discover the secrets behind their mysterious existence…