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Ashcreek Poncho

great for a playful touch

Excellent photo composition from a different viewpoint, looking up into the stage lights as Jimi Hendrix plays his yellow Fender style guitar with Joy. ♫♪ Music ♪♫ Musical touched the sky

This Union jack coat was designed for Bowie by Alexander McQueen for the Earthling album cover (released in 1997).

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Je veux être comme maman, pour séduire mon papa... Ou pourquoi, j' ai cassé mon zizi? Impossible à résoudre....

The warmth in your touch, the tenderness in your eyes, reaped benefits from my youth as I lay dead one last time. You held me by the fire and kept my nakedness close to your side. My legs rising are from your sudden urgency. It is like a play that repeats in ephemeral ecstasy. I came close to the door when you called; and I left and returned for more.