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  • Faith

    Oh no he didn't! (Blue shoe cats) --- mega lol

  • Grace Cook

    Hey Carl! Look at the face on the last cat! XD

  • Miranda Jarrard

    Funny thing- I have these same shoes and my cat does the same thing! Weird.

  • CheesyPeasy

    Hey Carl, have you... Never mind #caturday #cats #animals #funnypics #funny #fun #lol #smile #hilarious #bored #humor #lmao #lmfao

  • Shawn Oliver

    Funny Animal Pictures

  • Sarah Klinke

    Cats having a way worse day than you... This thing had me laughing with tears streaming down my face. I had to quietly giggle because I'm in the computer lab. Probably looks like I'm having a siezure

  • Sara Parlin

    Lol. Funny stuff

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AH! evvery time i see a beautiful man!

so um when I was really young the Cat and I did this to mom's breakfast one day. Mom lost that battle

i'm sitting here at my desk at work literally laughing out loud. I hope no one noticed....

Guys, even cats dont understand women! Check more at

Idk why but this it's the funniest thing

this made me laugh. just his face.