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10 Well Designed Cat Toys

Last week we looked at dog toys that actually look cool, at least until they're all gummed up and gross. But we can't forget the cat people (including yours truly). Personally, I think cat toys are cuter than dog toys to begin with, maybe because they're smaller or maybe because they're less likely ...
  • hunt + gather studio

    Cat Tree House -finally a cat house actually worthy of putting in your house!

  • Jessica Mueller

    Now this is a treehouse - Adult (medium) Cat Tree House

  • Michelle Moseley Bradsher

    Cat Tree House -for the kitty who has everything.

  • Catsultations

    The Adult Cat Tree House gives your cats the room to play, jump, explore and sleep. Crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves, this house brings out the kitten in you cat. Movement, rustling and flexibility when you cat climbs; brings out their natural animal instinct of curiosity. Pet Tree Houses are real trees and are for indoor use only. They are susceptible to humidity and must be kept in a climate controlled environment

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Life with a cat…thankfully I don't have to worry about the counters, but the rest is so true!

Mature large Cat Tree House by PetTreeHouses on Etsy, $1299.00 - Can I mortgage it?

Floating beds for cats…

I really want to do something like this one day - cat shelves and high-up walkways all around my house to lots of beds, hideyholes and vantage points

I love the look on this cats face. Mine looks at me like this all the time. I call it the "What? I do what I want" look

Antique kitties. My new collection: photos of people with their cats.

b-undt: bungalowclassic: 罪人 + 情人