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  • Alyssa Pelletier

    So true. #pitbull #dog #ecard #ecards #dogs

  • Madeline Walters

    Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month! #pitbullawarenessmonth #pitbull #amstaff #pittie #dog #love

  • Kasey Miller

    My pit Diamond may bark but give her a second and all she wants is pets and love and she is great with my nephew who is 2!

  • HV Spicer

    I like the quote but why isn't it a pit bull for a dog? It looks like a hound

  • Connie

    Not all strong dogs are vicious. If they have the love and care a dog should have and not be taught violence by their owners (who are the ones to blame) they will be a brilliant companion. The people that teach dogs to fight or be violent need to be punished - not the poor animal that is just doing as they're told! Blame the other end of the lead! Do not put these dogs down! They should be retrained to suit a loving home! It can be done! People just need to try harder & not use the easy way out.

  • Shannon Jones

    True. Story.

  • Tara Tipton

    So funny and true, but why isn't this a pitbull dog? Lol

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pit bulls where also called the nanny dogs that proves how loving they are some people can be mean i hope they can see the love in pit bulls they are loving and caring animals i have three wonderful pit bulls best animals ever

  • Vickie Ryan

    I love pits

  • Mel Houston

    I haven't met a pit I didn't love ! They get a bad rap...they are wonderfully loving, fun, kidlike animals...very loyal.....I miss my guy, he passed away about 3 yrs ago at the ripe old age of 15 of my life ....

  • Vickie Ryan

    So sorry ...... He had a good life. I love pits and think they should be given a chance. Destroying them is cruel.

  • Mel Houston

    Thank you Vickie.....he did have a good life, he was sooo loved ...

funny-dogs-in-the-kitchen.jpg here to find out more

Amen! My mixed breed dogs have been smarter, healthier and more loving than the "purebred" dogs I've had. By the way... how many of your high dollar purebreds are really pure bred? :)

windows to the soul by susansabophotography on Etsy, $25.00

goldens--in every way. Awwww I have been missing my boy Jackson so much today -- it was so sweet to find this pin on Pinterest just now.. I

This photo didn't turn out so i turned it into something nice. The quote i found pretty much sums things up for me! Hope you guys like it. - Imgur

  • Clint Sr

    Golden are the BEST! Devoted Loving Pets! Our Girls just live to be near US!