tea cup pigs

Q: I’m in love with the adorable “teacup” pigs I’ve seen on the Internet. How big do they get when fully grown? A: Ah, baby piglets . . . all pink and small and cuddly. Adult hogs? Not so cute— even teacup ones. With these pigs, size is relative:..

teacup piglet

Teacup pigs playing the piano

Lookit that fat little face!

Little pig

Micro-Piglet Hugs a Strawberry. Bred to be extra small and friendly.


micro pigs

Teacup Pig

Daisy Cute !!!

Piggy Wagon


soooo cute

teacup pig!!

Marilyn Mini pig was caught driving mom's convertible..again

i will never eat bacon again


Pigs All Over Socks from The Sock Drawer

Baby pig.