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Unexpected Road Trip Surprise, lol I laughed way too much at this almost woke everybody up

Anyone ever find it?

Why haircuts are important… This is hilarious. And true. Don't forget true.

I can't even pronounce it sober

pretty much

Baby got self respect

Dame Julie Andrews everyone! I love her.

Photoshop done right

I'm sure

We might as well give up

When they realised the subtly malevolent evil in Tangled. | 31 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About Disney

Oh, I laughed at this for a while

LOL, so true..

Hahahahaha omg

I cry from laughter every time I read this.

Can NOT. Stop. Laughing!


Never be the first one to fall asleep! Seriously all these guys had to have been passed out to not wake up during this lol

This is the best thing ever.