Diaper Rash remedies. Lots of good natural ways on this site

Diaper rash - 1/3 liquid mylanta, 1/3 Aquafour (NOT the same as petroleum jelly) 1/3 zinc oxide-mix thoroughly and you'll have enough diaper rash cream to last for years, treats it instantly (got the "recipe" from the nurses at my preemie son's ICN unit 11 years ago, nothing compares or treats/cures it-most diaper rash creams just "protect" the area, don't get rid of existing irritation/pain).

Baby lotion/diaper cream/baby oil all in ONE product that you can make yourself without any toxic chemicals! Tutorial features 4 different therapeutic grade essential oil combinations for conditions such as: diaper rash, cradle cap, yeast infection, and calming a fussy baby.

someone spent a lot of time making a collage of all my belly pictures.. found this on the homepage of pinterest today!

For those moments when changing diapers feels like “Mission: Impossible.”

Hazelwood Rainbow Necklace! Effective in reducing acid-based ailments and symptoms, such as eczema, acid-reflux, and teething pain. Must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7. Made with nylon-coated steel wire, pressed glass beads, and silver plated nickel clasp (lobster style opening). Construction includes a safety release. Children under the age of three shouldn't wear a necklace without adult supervision. Product may be worn around the leg during naps and night.

Natural Diaper Rash Balm and Baby Powder Recipe

HM Diaper Rash Cream

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What a great way to show your pregnancy! ♣ 13.7.6

To remember how tiny they were!

Teething Remedy = Soak a washcloth in Chamomile tea for a teething baby to chew on ... or offer it diluted in a bottle ... also good to drink while breastfeeding

Diaper Bag organizing. A great way to keep diaper bag essentials organized and at your fingertips. No more digging to the bottom of the diaper bag in a stressful moment when baby is crying.

A Load Of Craft: Tutorial: How To Make A Baby Wrap. lots of other DIY baby stuff too!

DIY Detergent for #ClothDiapers

Modern Cloth Diapering {all you need to know} ~ a Complete Guide | Jornie.com ~ GREAT resource for anyone who is considering cloth diapering, and extra tips for those who already cloth diaper! **PIN TO SAVE FOR LATER**

Diapers & Daisies: Rules for Mothers of Daughters.

10 ways to relieve labor pain... someday, I'm going to hug myself for pinning this.

EVERY pregnant mom should save this! Timeline of a breastfed baby.

Natural Remedy for Baby Colds: Garlic Socks Directions Cut 2 cloves of garlic in half and gently crush using the back of a spoon or knife. Place the crushed garlic between two pairs of socks and leave on your child overnight.You should notice faint ‘garlic breath’ the next morning.

Homemade diaper rash cream. My pediatrician recommended this and it worked great!