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    Cherry Blossoms in Our Nations Capital (Part 2) by Thomas Falkowski, via 500px





    Does my flag offend you? call 1-800 Leave the U.S.A.

    "And by the way, a piece of news, Israel is the one country in which everyone is pro-American, opposition and coalition alike. And I represent the entire people of Israel who say, 'Thank you, America.' And we're friends of America, and we're the only reliable allies of America in the Middle East." -- Benjamin Netanyahu

    The Very Reason!

    Land That I Love!

    So Help Us God.

    ..Please Dear our country


    † ♥ † ♥ † Lets pray for revival in our land, United States of America. † ♥ † ♥ †

    God bless the USA

    Standing together praying for our country

    "It Is Impossible To Rightly Govern A Nation Without God And The Bible."... George Washington

    Proud to be an American.


    No Free World for sure!

    When Americans Cannot Agree on Factual Statements without further comment, either pro or con .... then the National Discourse has ended. We only have to wait until the suppliers no longer want the contract to provide the supply. At that point there will only be the rule of jungle law - at best. History does not offer an example of a Nation that was comprised only of consumers. Well - not one that wasn't itself consumed by the consumers. We need more compassion! We need more workers! Fact!

    Thomas Kinkade - America's Pride

    Real Men do for themselves! Unless incapacitated with injury; then wise and compassionate folk care for them until their hurt heals. But, wise and caring folk give to men that have imaginary limitations, revealing themselves to be sluggards, and burdens to society. Man Up! Laborious, Difficult, Sweat-dripping, and Callous-causing hard-work is available! Do that which is tough until another opportunity comes your way once more! Providence sees the weary! God hears a man's hard-time prayers!

    Work For It

    Rise Up Ye Sons of Liberty! Proclaim to the American Haters: No Hands on the Liberty Tree! Touch Not the Constitution of These United States! Back Off Taking Away Our Amendment Rights! Cease the Hate Speech which Attacks Christians and Their Way of Life! Stop the Mocking Our Nation's Laws! Let Liberty's Sons Rest Not Until Their Every Vote has been cast! A Republic that that will not Vote - will not live in a Republic. Poor Voter Turnout is a Recipe For Disaster!