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  • Laura Chapman
    • 1 year ago

    Yes, it definitely did! I was nervous I would have to try to make my own and probably wouldn't turn out half as good as this one... That sounds like a great idea! I don't believe I saw any necklaces, but we have making our own wands! My hubby thought they were going to be hard, but then he made one and said it wasn't very hard at all. Men, huh? ;) We found some rings to put in the goody bags through Amazon. I found a Bertie Botts beans box template and made those yesterday, now I just have to fill them, minus the gross flavors. ;) We are also making pretzel wands and chocolate frogs. We tried to find little owls that were decently priced, but no luck. My mother-n-law made HP scarf bookmarks too! We were going to print some regular ones out and laminate them, but then we came across the scarf ones and thought those were even better! When is your party? I just found some on Amazon and Ebay. Sorry I may not be much help. It was hard to find stuff to put in the goody bags. Hope your party goes well!

  • Laura Chapman
    • 1 year ago

    We also found some glasses through Amazon too.

  • Chris Maio
    • 1 year ago

    Cool. I did find the necklaces. More than I wanted to pay, but that will be the favor with the candy. I'm not overly crafty (lack of time, really) but my daughter and her friends have come up with a lot of games to play. We got a sorting hat for the sorting game. I am going to dress up as Professor McGonegal. Party is a sleepover - next Sat - for my daughter's 11th.

  • Laura Chapman
    • 1 year ago

    Im glad you were able to find some! I know what you mean about pricey. The owns we found were $7-8 a piece. If we found some for maybe $2, we would have got them... I am not crafty either! Just cut and glue, the easier the better. ;) Sounds like you guys will have a blast! That is awesome that you are dressing up too! My little guy's party is next Saturday as well! He is turning 8! He loves Harry Potter! I found a pretty easy cake to make and bought some lego Harry Potter and Valdermort figures to put on top with a long gummy snake! I hope it turns out ok. I am going to try to dye the cake layers red and yellow too.

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